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In this shot from Frank Barrett ’65, it looks like the class of 1965 is having the time of their lives!

Front row, L-R: Jack Slipka ’67, Connie Eberstein ’65, Jim Spendiff ’65, Marilyn Monroe, Unknown, Ralph Wilson ’65, Alan Fox ’66, Dave Woodyat ’65 (“How much would could Woodyatt ya if a Woodyat could yat wood?” Frank says.)

Second row (standing): Unknown, Bill Schilling ’66, Gary Russell ’64, Unknown, Mike Cassidy ’66, Hank Glaser ’67, Ray Roy ’66, Bill Bateman ’65, Cal Bamford ’66, Roger Pelham ’66 and Bruce Dahlgren ’66.

Back row: Unknown, Charlie Fisler ’66, Bill Gemmill ’66, Dick Fuke ’66, Unknown, Unknown, Paul Sottnek ’66, Dallas Smith ’67, and Frank Barrett ’65. Frank ends by saying, “George Wolf ’65,” the Invisible Man and does not appear.” Know the names of some of these ’unknowns’?

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