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Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, Brother Joey Lohmann became a founding member of Lockdown Letters, a student-run volunteer organization that sends thank-you letters to first responders. Since March, they have sent almost 9,000 letters to 111 facilities in 40 different states.

This is what Joey had to say about his time working with Lockdown Letters:

Serving with Lockdown Letters for the past 9 months has shown me how just a small message of motivation and support can go such a long way. People talk about COVID like it’s all a numbers game, but it’s essential to recognize the extreme physical and psychological toll it’s taking on those who work endlessly to protect our communities.

Please join us in thanking Joey for all the hard work he has put into Lockdown Letters. We are so proud of you!

You can keep up with Lockdown Letters by following them on Instagram at @lockdownletters_.