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Brotherhood has special meaning to us fraternity men; we have a bond that isn't easily understood by outsiders. We share a special connection forged during crazy nights filled with fun memories that resulted in lifelong friendships, all thanks to the organization that bonded us together for life: Pennsylvania Delta of ΣΦΕ.

Brother Bruce Yuen '83 explained it best: “Decades later, the people I keep in touch with most from my Penn days are my SigEp brothers. They’re a great bunch of guys I formed lifelong friendships with. Many Penn Delta student leaders had a tradition of mentoring younger brothers who were interested in leadership and then paving the way for them to move into those positions. I still enjoy mentoring young people today as a result! That’s why I attend the Raymond C. McCron dinners in NYC — to connect with brothers from my era and meet new ones.”

For all those reasons and more, I hope you'll join us in participating in our recurring giving program. For the price of just one lunch a month, you can cover your alumni dues. Just $10 a month lets your fellow Penn SigEps know that you still care. A donation to the program helps cover Alumni Board operating expenses and events (Homecoming, Reunion Weekend, Senior Dinner, NYC Dinner) and keeps the communication between alumni strong by supporting website maintenance, database management, monthly e-letters, and new editions of The Delta Penn newsletter. Plus, it lands you a spot on the Honor Roll of Donors.

Let your brothers know your bond with the brotherhood hasn't faded by signing up for the Lunch a Month Program! CLICK HERE to set up recurring giving via PayPal, or to learn about our other new giving methods (like Venmo).