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What were the best nicknames you called your brothers and how did they come about?  

When's the last time you saw a Pennsylvania Delta Chapter brother in person? Who were you with, where were you, and what was the occasion? Do you have a photo from that day? 

What do you remember about the top social event the year you graduated? Do you remember your date? Did you happen to marry them? 

What was SigEp known for during your time at Penn? 

Read on to find out how other Pennsylvania Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni answered these questions.  

Frank Barrett ‘65

Nicknames: George Wolf ‘65 was The Invisible Man because he was always off somewhere studying hence was rarely seen. My roommate Charlie Fisler ‘66 was Farley Chiseler, but those are the only two nicknames I recall.

Last time you saw a classmate: The last brother I saw was George Wolf, now retired and living nearby in Colorado. We met for a cup of coffee a year or so ago, but since The Plague struck I've lain low. Before that, the last brother I saw was Dallas Smith ‘67, and his wife Bev, while I was visiting my family in York, Pennsylvania. I remember their 1965 wedding, especially using my old Mercedes-Benz as their "getaway car."

Top social event: My social life in four years at Penn was measured in mere hours--maybe even just minutes! Skimmer Weekend was probably the best, because the skulls on the river were so cool, but overall I never got to third base--or even first! I once spent an evening in a dark room with photographer Candace Bergen, but, alas, it was a photographic darkroom. The elegant Connecticut wedding of Grace Jones. 

What Sigma Phi Epsilon was known for: Penn Delta was known for being well rounded and inclusive (how do you think I got in?). No big jocks, no rowdies like the Betas, no real BMOC’s, but we had wonderful speakers come by as guests: Arnold Toynbee, Prime Minister Harold Wilson's son, the Mayor of Baltimore, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and more (ask Connie, he knows). A select few of Frank Rizzo's men made uninvited appearances, but they never arrested anyone.



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