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In last month’s e-letter, we sent out a survey to the Pennsylvania Delta Alumni. Now, we’d like to thank the brother who answered and share his response with you! If you’d like to weigh in yourself, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll include it in our next e-letter!

What kind of impact did Pennsylvania Delta make on your life after Penn? Friendships? The leadership you learned at the house? Something else? What's stuck with you? Weigh in!

Bruce Yuen ‘83

"At my Sig Ep house, I strengthened on-campus friendships with certainly several of my brothers, both classmates and pledge brothers. As I mentioned before, some of the folks I stay in contact with today are my brothers. After Penn, one brother was in my wedding party (I had a small wedding) and for the first 10-15 years, we often saw each other when many of us lived in the NYC area. Yankees games, dinners, Super Bowl parties, etc. Going to other brothers' weddings and seeing their newborn children, then keeping up as best as possible especially after my family & I moved to Connecticut and others scattered as well. Our circle of brothers kept up with those a few years ahead and a few years behind, too!

I talked to them about business plan ideas, career advice, legal advice and the like. We all had our separate set of friends from either work or neighbors where we lived, as well as separate interests, but we always tried to keep in touch.

While I was never a chapter officer (other than Little Sisters) I was a student leader on campus. I did learn things from those who recruited me to Sig Ep who were also student leaders: always take care of those coming behind you. Nurture their talent, mentor them and put them in a position to succeed you. During my years at Penn, Sig Ep brothers populated many of the key and top student leadership positions on campus, whether political, social or inter-fraternity organizations. We had key leaders in athletics, too, including Olympic fencer, squash captain and other sports. I believe that we helped make campus life a lot better when we were in those roles, relished the fact that Sig Eps were leaders and it helped our chapter with the administration when we needed it (wink wink). That idea of mentoring people stays with me to this day! We certainly had our share of very, very intelligent people who went on to terrific success in many fields. My big brother David Browne was a CEO at Lens Crafters and Luxottica and there are several brothers either my age or a bit older who are very successful in the finance industry (Rich Pzena, Wayne Paladino, Nick Calabrese, etc.). The president of my chapter and classmate is CEO of his family's firm in Buffalo (Rick Smith). Many of my brothers are military veterans, many serving during the first Gulf War and we're very proud of them!"