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We would like to say thank you to Matt Silk ‘97  for sending in an alumni update. We always appreciate hearing from our alumni! If you would like to submit your own update, to be uploaded to the website and featured in the future, you can email our alumni relations partner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also post directly by submitting an update on the website; CLICK HERE to do that! 

Here is what your Brother had to say:

"My wife and I run a buy-n-hold residential real estate portfolio in Austin and I do angel investing in early stage tech companies. Once I had worked with each of my companies on plans to get through the next couple of quarters, we realized we had time and energy to burn. When I read a Medium article talking about the #SFHospitalmeal program on March 25th (now re-branded as FrontlineFoods.organd doing AMAZING work), it was clear we needed to start our own program here in Austin. ATX Hospital Meals was born the next morning as a four-page Squarespace site and two Google forms. We thought we’d raise $5-10K and deliver a few meals. We didn’t realize how much momentum would get behind this mission.  
We’re now delivering on a daily basis to three different St. David's HealthCare facilities and weekly to six ATCEMS first responder command stations. The number of volunteers, coordination with other local and national programs and outpouring of support from people far and wide has been inspiring. Probably because our mission is so simple and such a win-win:  Raise Money — Buy Meals From Local Restaurants — Deliver to Healthcare Workers. A few weeks into the program we partnered with a local 501c3, Austin Chinese-American Network, to enable ATX Hospital Meals to accept tax-exempt donations and company matches. We also launched a corporate giving program with our first partner, Flintco, committing $15K as a matching sponsorship. 


Program Stats (As of 5/1/20) 


Please check out the program and pledge your support: www.ATXHospitalMeals.com"