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Hello fellow alumni,

Over the past several months we have been working alongside our partners who help manage our alumni database, newsletter, and annual campaigns to help make giving your annual alumni dues more convenient. Your support allows the Pennsylvania Delta Foundation to insure that Penn’s undergraduate SigEp experience is contributory, relevant, and lasting and ensures that our alumni bond with over 1,000 living alumni remains strong. 

We’ve spoken with many of our younger alumni and asked why they think donations from more recent classes have been lower than in previous years. They said because we don’t offer payment by Venmo and the online donation system is not convenient enough. We asked some of our alumni from the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and recent graduates what thoughts they had on how to help boost annual dues. Their answer was recurring payments. The suggestion was that they want to donate, but don’t want to be bothered with it every year. They would rather just choose an annual amount and pay monthly recurring payments and simply be sent an email to continue the following year. 

We have taken all of this in and are very pleased to announce some changes in the ways you are able to make contributions for your annual dues. 

If you are interested in simply making a single one-time payment by Venmo each month/year, we’ve set up an account to make it easy to do that. Simply send your donation to @SigmaPhiEpsilon-Penn through your Venmo app and you’re all set. We can also accept payments by PayPal at paypal.me/padelta. Or if you’d prefer to make monthly payments toward an annual goal amount, we can set that up for you too. 

Wouldn’t it be a neat idea if we could get all our living alumni to donate at least one lunch a month ($10) back to the chapter to cover their alumni dues? Can we count on you for a lunch a month?


The Pennsylvania Delta Foundation