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We recently sent you some questions in an email questionnaire. We appreciate everyone who has responded so far, our hope is to hear from everyone!

If you want to see your response appear in an upcoming publication and have not yet answered the questionnaire, or just want to share your stories, pictures, or personal news with us, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here's what some of our Brothers had to say: 

"There was a unique selflessness within SigEp that is very commendable.  We initiated a charity volleyball fundraiser, had our most rotund Brother dress as Santa Claus and brought gifts to an orphanage at Christmas and, in general, tried to do the “right” thing.  I also believe we had the highest GPA of any fraternity on campus."  - Jeffrey Rotwitt Esq. '72

"I think that “structure” was the most valuable aspect, in three ways. One, the physical structure of the house itself, having a shared space, being in close proximity with a roof over our heads. A well maintained house with clean and serviceable kitchen and bathrooms, at an affordable price. Two, the administrative/social structure that provided leadership we could participate in. I was “social chairman” for a couple of years; it was a great learning experience. I benefitted from the availability of sweat equity in the form of waiting tables in exchange for meals. Third, the national/historical structure of the Sig Ep fraternity institution itself, being linked in time and space to the extended brotherhood, and the traditions of Sigma Phi Epsilon." - James Carnahan '68

We appreciate you taking the time to share your Pennsylvania Delta experience with us, as well as your feedback. Stay safe, brothers.