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The Exemplary Service Award recognizes devote and productive service at the Chapter, district, regional and/or national level for a minimum of 20 years. Recipients have made a significant and lasting impact for the betterment of the Fraternity. 

In his nearly three decades as a SigEp volunteer, Brett Dank '90, has done everything from chairing the Chapter's 90th anniversary celebration to coauthoring a book about the brotherhood of Chapter members during World War II. As president of the Pennsylvania Delta Chapter for over 20 years, Brett has been involved in nearly every project that impacts the Chapter, volunteers and alumni - from fundraising to alumni engagement to managing renovations to the Chapter House. This commitment is the foundation of Pennsylvania Deltas success. Brett also volunteers with SigEp on the national level, serving as a presenter at Conclave and Life After College

Feb. 7-9: Parsippany, NJ

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