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By Andrew Schwartz WH ‘87 -

Somehow the schedules aligned for 13 of us Sig Eps who graduated from Penn just 32 years ago. I always find it amazing that I can go months or even years without having the opportunity to talk to a Brother only to pick up right where we left off when we finally get together again.

Paul Puleo’s farm in the Berkshires was the perfect location for this somewhat spontaneous reunion during the first weekend of October. Credit definitely goes to Ben Argov, Bruce Kirsten and John Cherry who flew from California to join the fun. Paul Gabos and Willie Nunn deserve credit as well for making the trip from Florida.


Dave Fleissig had the most interesting trip by taking Amtrak from NYC to Albany before taking a long Uber ride to Pookie’s Stephentown farm while putting down a bottle of red wine along the way. Other NY area Brothers included Vito Fossella, Joe Halprin and Curtis Lightburn.

Mike Logan came up from his new digs in Virginia, and Tim Wilson drove up from Wilmington DE (as best as anyone could tell). And I think I had the shortest ride from the Boston suburbs.

During the weekend, we all enjoyed a hike up to a fire tower in Lenox, MA and a great 22 mile bike ride on a rail trail out of Adams. Plenty of food, beer and stories along the way of course.


Class of ’87 (left to right) John Cherry, Curtis Lightburn, Mike Logan, Paul Puleo, Willie Nunn, Joe Halprin, Bruce Kirsten, Vito Fossella, Ben Argov, Andrew Schwartz, Paul Gabos, Dave Fleissig, Tim Wilson