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Class of 1955 Plaque Dedication – Please join us @ Homecoming on 11/9 for this SPEcial occasion

We have been teasing this for some time and have really put a lot of work into it.  Our team of alumni volunteers and undergraduates have been focused on making this an event to remember.  The class of 1955 has several former Alumni board volunteers.  These are the guys that may have helped keep the lights on while you were an undergraduate living in the house:  fine men like Clarke Glennon, Bob Johnson, Vince Rettew, Aram Jerrehian, Vic Reigel, Ed Lesser and, of course, George Quinn.

At Penn’s Homecoming, Saturday, November 9th, we will be unveiling for the first time this SPEcial plaque and we want as many people to be there as possible.  We want everyone wearing their SigEp Swag or Penn attire or a combination of both.  We want to show up in numbers to support these great men, many whom have helped serve Penn Delta in one way or another.  Please join us at 4028 Walnut for a post-football game gathering which will be warm, welcoming and fun--guaranteed!

To be clear, this is a BIG deal.  We’ve done a lot to prepare for this event.  It took a lot of time working with the University and others to get this plaque in place. Our chapter President, House Manager, and alumni board volunteers have worked to get several elements of the chapter house updated and in tip top shape including new furnishings in the living room, foyer, and dining room, as well as a refreshed look outside and basement repainted.  In addition to unveiling the "Class of 1955 Living Room" plaque, we will have a Penn student jazz/dixie land trio, and we are working on another drop-in by a campus performance group which, if accomplished, will be a real treat, as well.

Come up to the chapter house after the Penn-Cornell game (around 3 pm), see old friends, meet new ones, especially the chapter members, and partake of hors d'ouvres and refreshment provided by our brand new chef:- Jason Rego has been preparing dinners for the chapter this semester, and he would be more than pleased to meet "these alumni" he has been hearing about.

The undergrads are glad that Jason is with them, and those among those of us who remember Mr. Marshall, Jack Shores and Dorsey Baker will be especially pleased, for it seems today's chapter has re-discovered the worth of a "table" which brings many chapter members together face-to-face (especially in a day of iphones and less integrative day-to-day experiences of Brotherhood.)

So spike up your enthusiasm, perhaps get your singing voices in gear, bring your family--and let us know you are attending so our "kitchen staff" can prepare sufficiently.

RSVP, to Brett Danko, 609-203-3477 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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