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Summer Capital Improvements

Over the summer, Penn Delta implemented significant capital improvements to the infrastructure of the Chapter House at 4028 Walnut Street.

The exterior of the basement area, the barbecue “Pit”, had extensive masonry work to improve the aesthetics and match the theme of the rest of the house. Additionally, the glass panes have been removed and two sets of smaller windows have been installed. In the basement, the walls, ceilings, and doors have been painted white; new flooring and LED lighting have been installed throughout. A new water boiler has also been installed, which has replaced a dated boiler that was inefficient and had relatively low heating capacity.

On the main floor, the old, worn floor has been stripped and replaced with new sanded and sealed hardwood. This change is found within the entryway and dining room and is a significant improvement. The former sliding glass windows surrounding the pool room and kitchen hallway have been replaced with double-hung windows and stained wood wall panels that better match the theme of the Chapter House. Lastly, in the pool room and chapter room, embedded LED fixtures have been installed and the track lighting has been removed. This is a significant improvement in energy efficiency and safety given that the former lighting system would get quite hot if left on for periods of time.  Additionally, the main floor has seen a complete replacement of all kitchen tables, chairs, and accessory furniture pieces in the pool and living rooms.

Lastly, on the residential levels, new carpet was installed on the stairways and hallways. This addition replaces the previous worn carpet and provides a new pattern as well. The resident rooms have also seen a dramatic improvement. The rooms now have vinyl flooring, raised ceilings due to the removal of the drop-down ceilings, and the rooms were fitted with ceiling fans and efficient LED fixtures.

Overall, the capital improvement projects performed by Campus Apartments have significantly improved the overall well-being and aesthetics of the Chapter House. They will certainly make the house a more appealing residence to future and current members. Several projects are still in progress and include replacing the kitchen freezers, adding kitchen cabinetry, and renovating the library in conjunction with installing trophy cases to present the numerous awards and mementos our chapter has received over the past 115 years. SPEcial thanks to Penn Delta Alumni Board members Brett Merves '05, and Dustin Klein '16, for their role in bringing about these attractive improvements.

To see more pictures of these improvements, click HERE and check out the photo album on the website.