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Thanks to Brother Frank Barrett '65 who shared these flashback photos and captions on Facebook. Do you have old Penn Delta photos to share? Email them in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Pictured here are brothers Roger Ross, John Oswald '60 and Ralph Wilson, '65, in the elegant basement bar at 3909 Spruce Street.











Here you'll see the yearbook "Class" of 1965!

(This photo was taken AFTER the formal Penn yearbook photo)

Front row (seated, Left to Right): Jack Slipka, Connie Eberstein, Jim Spendiff, Marilyn, Ed Plow, Ralph Wilson, Allan Fox, Dave Woodyatt ("How much wood could a Woodyatt yat if a Woodyatt could yat wood?")

Second row, standing: Brad Price, Bill Schilling, Gary Russell, Dane Scott, Mike Cassidy, Hank Glaser, Ray Roy, Bill Bateman, Cal Bamford, Roger Pelham, and Skip Dahlgren.

Back row: Tom Post, Charlie Fisler, Harry Vellines, Dick Fuke, Bill Gemmill, Lew Nelson, Paul Sottnek, Dallas Smith, and Frank Barrett. George Wolf was known as "The Invisible Man," so does not appear.


Who could forget Screamin' Jay Hawkins at 3909 Spruce, circa 1962-63. "I Put a Spell on You...!"








While at Penn in the early 1960s, I shot a ton of black-and-white photos of my Delta Penn brothers, and now I'd like to send them to those folks. For instance, here's Sig Ep Theodore McKelden (then mayor of Baltimore) with Conrad Eberstein on the right.