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Alumni Weekend Gathering was a success.

by Dan Olson ‘99

For those of you on the East Coast, you know the weather has been one rainy wet mess as of late. Thankfully for Penn Alumni Weekend there was plenty of sun for a great day of catching up with old friends! The turn out this year was fantastic and we had alumni representing more than 10 different graduation years, spanning 7 different decades.

You may recognize some of the participating names including: Jared Fenton ’17, Dustin Klein ‘16, Tony Krumbhaar ’12, Tim Games ‘84, Rob Fuller ’99, Dan Rosen ’99, Dan Olson ’99, Neil Batiancila ’99, Randy Hsia ’99, Saam Farhang ’99, Mark Lieberman ’69, Mike Izhaky ’94, Henry Wilewski ’59, Aram Jerrehian ’55, Earl Conway ’54, Conrad Eberstein ’65, Rod Vaughn ’53, and Clarke Glennon ’55.

(pictured Tony Krumbhaar ’12)

Conrad and his “Society of Olde Phartes” gathered after the event for an evening soiree at the dockside apartment of Irene McNeil and Clarke Glennon.



(pictured right to left: Aram Jerrehian, '55;  Earl Conway, '54;  Conrad Eberstein, '65;  Rod Vaughn, '53;  and Clarke Glennon, '55)

In all good fun, this “Society of Olde Phartes” is on the Penn Police most wanted list for raising hell on campus since 1953 and have been seen hiding out at the Chapter House during Alumni Gathering for over 65 years!  That’s really something isn’t it?  I think that is representative of what we’ve all enjoyed most about being brothers and alumni of Sigma Phi Epsilon, seeing our friendship evolve and expand over the years as if time stands still. 

The class of ’99 had their 20th reunion and had 6 alumni represent their class at the event.  The group met at the Ashton Cigar bar in Center City Friday night before heading to out for dinner and drinks at McGillin’s.  Many of them stopped by the house on Saturday and met up again Saturday evening at Distrito before heading to their class event at the City Tap House.  Rob Fuller also toured the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday with Neil Batiancila, Chief Development Officer at the zoo, to share their passion/experiences/efforts in wildlife conservation.


(picture left to right: Saam Farhang ’99, Rob Fuller ’99, Randy Hsia ’99, Dan Rosen ’99)


(pictured on left from front to back: Neil Batiancila ’99, Randy Hsia ’99, Saam Farhang ’99; on left from front to back: Rob Fuller ’99, Dan Rosen ’99; Dan Olson ’99)


(pictured left to right: Rob Fuller ’99, Randy Hsia ’99 + wife Michelle, Dan Rosen ’99, Dan Olson ’99 + wife Heather ’99)


As always, we are eternally grateful for all our alumni and were happy to see many of you at this great event!  Please share any stories and/or pictures from your visit on Penn’s campus this weekend.  We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you! 

Fraternally, The Pennsylvania Delta Foundation Board