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Ever thought of going on Safari to Africa, doing something good for your heart and soul--and doing it with a bunch of Penn Delta brothers?

Sounds like a Texas-sized idea, doesn't it?

Well, Rob Fuller, '99, (from Texas), has an idea: A Penn SigEp Family and Friends Safari, July 18th to August 1st, 2020. Rob runs safaris and this one will go to South Africa and Zimbabwe and will include Victoria Falls. Check out this iBrochure.

Here's Rob's back story, starting from the beginning, when Rob joined the chapter in 1996:

Rob relates: Every part of my college experience was defined by being a SigEp. The quality of brothers I met in every class year during recruitment made clear that SigEp was the place for me. No single identity could define this diverse and interesting brotherhood, and I knew I would be "comfortable" at 4028, even as an oddball from a small Texas town public school.

 Little did I know how much SigEp and the brothers (and even some alumni) would mean to me.

Through SigEp, I formed a bond with 7 graduating classes spanning two centuries (two millennia, even), and I beam with pride any time I talk about my brothers and the experiences I shared with them. The friendships have stood the tests of time and distance, and whenever we get together, it's as if we never left.

I've witnessed our brothers band together in times of joy and in times of crisis. I've seen them establish foundations that resonate true meaning to any member who passed through the Red Door. The Jack Shores Memorial Fund and the college fund established for our dearly departed brothers' children underscore the inspiring meaning of brotherly love.

In 2008, nine years after my graduation (when most of my cohorts were busy making families), I traveled to East Africa on safari--and my life was forever changed. My fondest memories as a child were the times I spent in the Texas wilds with my grandfather. Africa reminded me of those times, and African wildlife is so much more diverse and abundant.

Kipling said, "One cannot resist the lure of Africa." He was right!

Africa's unmatched wildlife, mesmerizing landscapes, distinct ecosystems, and fascinating cultures and people make it the ideal safari and adventure destination. And, upon closer look, I learned that the wildlife/natural wonders I experienced are declining and may be lost to future generations.

Time in the bush rejuvenates the spirit and opens a lens into the world's most SPEctacular wildlife where endangered species compete with declining habitat, poverty, and poaching.

This competition/struggle brought a mission into focus--to evolve from simply traveling on vacation to traveling with purpose.

Every time I returned to Texas from Africa, the thought constantly tugged at me . . . what can I do?

It became clear that the best way to help the wildlife and the communities that live with them is through dollars created from eco-tourism, in partnership with wildlife conservation projects that directly support local African communities.

Africa 360 Travel was born out of an intense love of wildlife + conservation.

It started with a casual invitation from a friend to plan a safari (with purpose) after she heard about my hands-on experiences in South Africa with Elephants.



She wanted more than just a typical safari.  She wanted access to the people, places and experiences available only through our network of world-class conservation partners across East and Southern Africa.

As usual, two minds and two hearts are better than one, and today, Cathryn Gabor and I are proud to be the only not-for-profit safari travel company donating 100% of profits to wildlife conservation and community projects.

We are driven by purpose and aim to provide safari journeys that change lives for the better and inspire positive action, sort of like SigEp, when we do it right.

In 2018, Africa 360 Travel donated over $100,000 to entrepreneurial conservationists who pursue strategies for people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive. 

Rob invites Penn Delta alumni and friends and family to join him on safari in 2020.  He assures us that the safari is ideal for families (children 8 +), couples, singles and friends.

The 2020 Safari is packed full of wildlife encounters and includes spectacular conservation activities.  Guests will participate in an elephant collaring with a wildlife vet team, experience thrilling Big Five game drives, visit a Natural Wonder of the World, Victoria Falls, feed orphaned elephants, safari on foot, explore an ancient sand forest, track endangered Painted Wolves (featured in the BBC's Dynasties series), canoe the Zambezi River, and much more!


Family suites are available on a first come, first served basis.  Commitment is required by July, 2019, as rooms sell out over a year in advance.  So far, Steve Gresdo, '96, Erik and Paola Doebel, '00 and '01, and their son have signed on.  It will be epic!

For full itinerary and details, including costs, please contact Rob or Cathryn at Africa 360 Travel, 205-790-7040. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., @africa360travel, www.africa360travel.com.