Greetings Alumni!
As promised here are some pictures from the 29th Annual Raymond C. McCron dinner on March 28th. (You can also see them on our Photo Album Page.) It was such a great gathering that we thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures we collected from this event.  The alumni and undergraduates integrated well, and the undergraduates were very enthusiastic to meet and network with alumni. 
There are at least two undergraduates we feel are strong candidates for the Tragos Quest to Greece, and they spoke with alumnus Stelianos Plakas, '09, about his experience on the Quest when he was an undergraduate.
For those of you that were able to join us in NYC, thank you all again for your support for the NYC Dinner, and if you were unable to join us this year, we hope that you can make it to a future New York gathering as it is a really special event!
The Pennsylvania Delta Foundation Board