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Your Commitment Needed Now, More Than Ever

I trust you are all preparing for the Holiday season and traveling to see family, friends etc. I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons warmly.

We won’t be bashful here. As you can see by the Honor Roll, financial support is lacking out of the gate, as our giving year began September 1. Thank you all! If you'd like to make your gift, please click HERE. We’re looking a little sparse and could use your help by joining our Honor Roll, listed HERE. 

As many of you prepare to make your end-of-year charitable contributions, won’t you keep the Brothers of SigEp on your list? Undoubtedly, you count your days as an undergraduate Brother as some of your most valuable.

Your gifts year-after-year have meant a lot to the Chapter- keeping our vast Alumni network alive and also providing opportunities for us to share all the good news with you through electronic and print communiques.

If you haven’t yet made your contribution this year, I encourage you to do so at whatever level fits your financial abilities. And if you know a few Brothers who also have yet to make their gift, encourage him as well. We’d love to add you to the

Thank you again for supporting PA Delta of SigEp. Your generosity ensures the next generation of Brothers at the University of Pennsylvania will have the same opportunities you did.

Warm Holiday Wishes and HFF