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When you support Penn Delta of SigEp, you’re not just supporting your fraternity. You’re making a critical investment in the values of brotherhood, honor, tradition and goodwill, as well as the lives of young men who need your support now more than ever. You’ve seen the news lately. Greek life is in a state of flux, and it is up to us to determine its fate. Will you join us in leading Penn Delta into the next 100 years, as the exemplary fraternity of the future? Click HERE to make a gift.

Like you, 90% of alumni rank their fraternity or sorority as one of their most impactful college experiences.

Is it because...?

  • You learned responsibility and how to lead others through the self-governed residential experience
  • Your Greek life experience was the #1 out-of-the-classroom learning opportunity you could’ve ever had
  • You learned the importance of giving back and helping others through volunteerism and fundraising
  • Your fellow alums remain your very best friends today

It’s no surprise to you that the Greek system donates 10 million service hours every year, 85% of student leaders are in a fraternity or sorority and Greek life raises millions of dollars annually for charity. Your continual support ensures Penn Delta provides the same valuable fraternity experience you enjoyed, to today’s and future young men, while ensuring that no matter what, our alumni and bond of 1,033 stays strong.

Can Pennsylvania Delta rely on you?