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We’re getting ready to publish and mail The Delta Penn. Before we do, we want to give our Brothers a chance to make their annual gift and get on the published Honor Roll that will accompany this mailing. The names of those who have contributed during the 2017-2018 annual fund are listed HERE.

Making a gift is easy, fast, and secure. Click HERE for options and get your name on the Honor Roll in time to see it in print via The Delta Penn. Thank you to all our Brothers, whose generosity funds alumni communications such as this one and keeps us all connected. Furthermore, we received gifts from the following Brothers last year (2016-2017), but not yet during this year:

Alan Mark Abrams Frank J. Carillo Nauman Mumtaz Shah
Andrew Barrett Brody Fred Dean Smith P. Clarke Glennon
Andrew David Schwartz Frederick David Osterholtz Paul Gerard Gabos
Anthony Neal Mishik M.D. Frederick George Dold Paul Patrick Welsh Esq.
Bernardo Beyer George William Wolf Philip Richard Lezenby Jr.
Brett Robert Danko Gregory Anthony Chianetta Raymond Thomas Stahl Jr.
Brett Scott Merves Gregory Johnathan Slawsky Rees Andrew Griffiths Esq.
Brian Gerard Price Harold George Jacklin Jr. Richard Brad Thompson
Bruce Joseph Franzese Henry James Wilewski Esq. Richard Charles Steinmeier
Calvin Demont Bamford Jr. Herbert Roy Jellander Richard Kaye Davis
Carl Owen Foley Ivan Michael Kessel Esq. Richard Stanton Pzena
Carroll Paul Andres James Laughlin Luther Richard T. Chou
Charles Boyd Crawford Jr. Jason Barrett Sable Robert Henry Mayer
Charles Einar Olander Jason David Kirschner Robert William Heller
Charles Estel Wheeler Jeffrey Barnes Whiting Roger Harry Pelham
Charles Gabriel Abbatemarco Joel T. Frauenheim Rogers Williams Vaughn
Charles Michael Bragitikos John Augustus Trainer Jr. Ronald Alvin Dreger
Dallas Lewis Smith John Vaden McCarty Salvador A. Brau
Daniel Horn Van Winkle Jose Ibietatorremendia Stephen Joseph Gresdo
Daniel James Olson Joseph Rickard Halprin Steven Robert Derby
Daniel Vincent McCaughey Karl Frederick Achenbach Jr. Stuart Evan Silberberg
David Edgemond Callahan Kenneth Ben Marcus Esq. Tadas Antanavicius
David Leslie St. Clair Ffrench Kenneth Paul Frankel Esq. Thomas John Keeline Esq.
David Neil Woodyatt Lawrence Marshall Harding Thomas Stuart Post Jr.
Dawnmarie D'Orlando Lewis Scott Nelson Timothy Edward Games
Derek Paolo Brian Warden Marc Alan Fox Tristan Martin Hoag
Donald Jerome Prout Mark Kuperschmid William Herbert Bateman
Douglas Scott Roberts Martin Jay Black Esq. William Moore Schilling Esq.
E. Kendall Lorenz Matthew Jared Dellelo William Richard Pearce