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Season's Greetings, Brothers!

Every year since 1998 (or to my best estimate), our group has met to square off against one another in fierce competition for the right to say we are better fantasy team managers than one another.  The actual pool is not what matters, but the right to lay claim on the sole decision to select the picture to go on the front page of our fantasy league homepage. 

The idea came to us many years ago when we were managing our site on a popular site (at the time), fanball.com.  That year someone named Paul Charchian (you may have heard of him) was headlined as the best fantasy team manager and henceforth we decided our league winner was to select a picture to post for bragging rights.  Over the years we’ve seen pictures of brothers with Troy Aikman, old group photos, and at times embarrassing photos.  Regardless of the winner and right to claim the league home page we all win every year because we get to celebrate our bond as brothers. 

This year we got together in Gloucester, MA, home of Wicked Tuna and near the home of our brother, Daniel Vincent McCaughey, ’99.  Dan helped picked the hotel, make arrangements and made sure that we would have a great time.  Even after heckling him over the price of the rooms, he was determined to show us a great time.  Pictured are Shane Finneran, Greg Rauscher, Dan McCaughey, Keith Lotman, Saam Farhang, Rob Fuller, Sophocles Sophocles, Andrew Rodriguez, and Dan Olson, all waiting for the famous lobster roll served at the Mile Marker Restaurant, which was also the marina in which we departed on an afternoon river cruise and a couple early morning fishing expeditions for striped bass.  Also attending was Neil Batiancila.  This event has grown into our annual get together and it always amazes me that while we are all spread out throughout the US, we are able to join back together and catch up as if time stood still. 


Dan Olson '99