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Having a role model support your journey through college is a good thing. Learning, sharing experiences, and having someone to talk to will always be beneficial to any young man entering a new phase in his life. But for Tristan Hoag, ’87, he not only had one, but he had a band of Brothers in Sigma Phi Epsilon that helped guide him on the journey. “I studied Finance and Decision Sciences,” he explains. “There were many other Brothers in Wharton and they were a huge help when I needed advice. It was important to me to be with a group of guys who really wanted to do something with their lives.”

From the start, Tristan knew that the Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon were special and he wanted to be a part of it. Pledging his freshman year, Tristan had the opportunity to get to know them outside of the fraternity as well as inside, due to his participation in Sprint Football. “Through Sprint Football I met a number of the Brothers,” he remembers. “They invited me to the house for a rush event and I had a ball!”

Through his time spent with the Brothers, Tristan realized that they were truly admirable men. “I came to really look up to the Juniors and Seniors,” he shares. “They were really impressive people and a lot of fun. I wanted to be like them.”

After initiation in 1984, Tristan felt right at home in the Sigma Phi Epsilon house, having spent his final three years living there. “I loved living with my Brothers and I was an active participant in everything I could. Living in the house was awesome!” he exclaims. But perhaps his most memorable year was his Junior year, where the living arrangements were particularly special and enjoyable. “The best was my junior year when Ben Argov, Mike Logan, and I lived in The Quad. We had a blast! It was the center of the house and many people were hanging out in our room any time of day!”

Socially, Tristan found the hub of activity that surrounded the Brothers, including football games, resulted in some of his favorite memories of his time at UPenn. In fact, Tristan and some of his Brothers gave the saying Party like a Rockstar true meaning! “I’ll never forget when our band, Disband, played the Spring Fling! Just before we went on, a large contingent of Brothers and little Sisters all showed up to root us on. It was a raucous, amazing scene as we lit up the crowd with our set!” he excitedly states. It was moments like this that Tristan truly recognized the importance of fellowship that came along with being part of a fraternity.

In addition to the fellowship he experienced, Tristan also recognizes the value the fraternity has provided him throughout his career, teaching him lifelong lessons and connections that he utilizes to this day. “I learned how to deal with all kinds of people, to push and be pushed to succeed, to focus on being a good person and care for others,” Tristan recalls. “The climate of growth and focus on being a good, successful person was just what I needed.”

Today, Tristan continues the friendships formed three decades earlier, understanding the important role each Brother plays in his life. “Maintaining these friendships helps keep everything in perspective. They are the guys that helped make me who I am and I’m grateful for that.” He most often sees Curtis Lighburn, as they both work for the same company, but he also stays in contact with Bruce Kirsten, Ben Argov, and Vito Fossella.

Tristan’s 30-year career in management consulting and technology has brought him to his current role as Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group, where he works to build the business and with clients. He has traveled all over the globe, most recently to Santiago, Chile, Rome, Paris, and Split, Croatia. In his spare time, Tristan enjoys running, golfing, and skiing. He also has a home in Winnetka, IL, about one block from the lake. Tristan is married to his wife, Megan, and has 18-year-old twins, Connor and Payton.

Just this past summer, Tristan returned to campus to give his twins a tour. Sharing his experience with his children was great moment for him. “I was really proud to show them around,” he says. “It brought back great memories!”

Seeing the Sigma Phi Epsilon house just reaffirms Tristan’s commitment to help the fraternity serve the next generation of Brothers, which is why he supports the chapter financially as best as he can. “I want the next generation to have the opportunities that I have enjoyed,” he shares. “I owe it to them!”

But perhaps the best part of reminiscing about his time at UPenn is to remember how wonderful it really was and he hopes the current Brothers do the same. “Appreciate the time you have,” he advises. “It is truly special and goes so quickly.”