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We all have our own reasons for joining a quality Brotherhood such as SigEp, but for Brother Richard Steinmeier ’96, the reason was simple – the House at 4028 Walnut provided a family away from home.

“During my freshman year, I was playing rugby and met Rick Thompson ’95, and Jason Wood ’93, who were SigEps, were on the team,” said Steinmeier. “They brought me around to the house and I met the quality of the Brothers. But once I met the others who were rushing, I was committed. The group was what I was looking for during a difficult freshman year – a family away from my home.”

Amongst the many fond memories he has, this SigEp Brother ranks the senior speeches each year as his favorite.

“It was so impactful to gear the Brothers that I so looked up to put a cap on their college tenure and impart some knowledge to the younger Brothers,” Richard said. “Beyond that, I always loved Tim Lash’ ’97 “Ice War.”

As an undergrad at the Fraternity, Richard was Vice President of the Chapter as a sophomore and junior and President during junior/senior year.

“Enduring friendships have been the biggest takeaway in my life thus far, said the SigEp Brother. “My family vacations every year with Brett Danko ’90 and his family and this weekend (August 25-27), I will be in Happy Valley with a group of Brothers to celebrate Paul “Gimpy” Godinez’ ’96 pending nuptials.

“After SigEp, I found the woman of my dreams, Heather Steinmeier, right out of college and we have been blessed with three wonderful children (Kate, Grace, and Seth),” said Richard. “The four of them fulfill me and bring me strength and joy every day. I work in wealth management for UBS in Weehawken, NJ.”

Citing the gifts he received as an undergraduate from the Chapter, Steinmeier gives back to enable lifetime friendship and Brotherhood, mentorship, alumni connections, leadership opportunities, and a national network of Brothers to the next generation of SigEps at Penn.

“Cherish your time with your Brothers,” he said. “Make an effort and invest in getting to know all of your Brothers and invest in those relationships after you depart Penn. These are my closest relationships and they endure time and geography.”