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The 2017 rush process yielded some excellent additions to the PA Delta brotherhood. The brothers hosted events such as a lunch in a Brazilian steakhouse and a night out on the Benjamin Franklin Yacht with dates. Brothers especially enjoyed the new steakhouse event because it was very conducive to conversations with rushes in small, personal groups while eating our fill of well-prepared food. We hope to continue adding events like these in the future to get to know our rushes better in intimate settings such as these.

After all was said and done, the new class is 16 young men we believe will greatly add to the house’s value as a whole. See below for a complete overview of the 2017 Spring Class of SigEp PA Delta- 25% of whom are in the class of 2019 and 75% in the class of 2020.


Andrej Patoski, Ethan Ng Pack, Hugh Reynolds, Justin Swirbul, Kaden Diniz, Michael Bogdanos, Nathan Dangle, Noah Sinclair, Noah Werksman, Rahul Venkatesh, Ryan Clyde, Ryan Saavedra, Tiger Brown, Travis Wood, Vishal Tien, and Zachary Sweeney. Their schools are shown by the pie charts.

This is a diverse group, with hometowns ranging from New Zealand To Pennsylvania. Clubs and activities include: Penn global research and consulting, Penn Dems, Water Polo, Engineers without Borders, Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club, Alternate spring break, Penn Dhamaka, Club Swimming, Student Nurses at PENN, PENN Environmental Group, Vagelos Program in Molecular and Life Sciences, PENN Electric Racing, DSP Business Fraternity, Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club, Hawaii Club, Wharton Ambassadors, Wharton Cohorts Directors, PENN Ski and Snowboard Team, Counterparts, Lightweight Crew, GRC Consulting, Black Wharton, Wharton PPISG, New College House Council, Internation Affairs Association, Freshmen Representatives For Huntsman Program, Wharton Alumni Relations Council, Club Rugby, College Republicans Executive Board, and PENN Boxing.

So, why did they decide to join SigEp? Chances are, some of their reasons probably mirror the reasons you joined a s a young undergraduate. Here are some testimonials:

I joined SigEp because it's a great group of guys.

The brothers of SigEp were welcoming and the rush events impressed me. Also, I liked the new class of guys that were joining.

Wanted to branch out and meet new people

Because the brothers made me feel more welcome than any other fraternity, and they were interested in getting to know me.

The brothers seemed like a very great fit for my interests.

Because the brothers I met were all kind and fun, and the culture of fun mixed with getting schoolwork done really appealed to me.

I decided to join because I wanted to be a part of a community of people I could rely on for support, and just chill with no matter the occasion. Ultimately, as a transfer student, I’m trying to make as many friends as I can, and Sig Ep is the place where I knew I could find them.

Because it was an opportunity for personal growth while developing relationships with a very close group of unique and fun brothers.

I joined Sigma Phi Epsilon because I understood the brothers to be bound tightly, but accepting of those who want to join and find their family at Penn. I believe I will find my place within Sig Ep.

I joined SigEp because I love the brothers and wanted to be a part of such an impressive organization.

I joined SigEp because I wanted to be a part of a different type of group and really get to know some cool people within a brotherhood. I liked the guys and spirit of SigEp the best, the nicest and most welcoming and it seems like everyone's having a good time.

I signed my bid for Sigma Phi Epsilon because of the open and genuine character of the brothers.

I joined SigEp because I found an involved, down to earth, and fun group of guys who I really connect to and would love to call them brothers.

I joined SigEp because of the people and the sense of community--I knew everyone would have my back, I'd have great stories, lifetime friends, and amazing connections.

A good group of guys I knew I'd get along with well.

Because from the brothers I met I really felt like I could be a part of their brotherhood.