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What is life like for you today? Chances are SigEp played a role. Whether you landed a job, met your wife, or gained lifelong friends, there are many reasons to be thankful for your SigEp experience. Here are our top 5:

  • Our shared aim at becoming Balanced Men and practicing the values of scholarship, leadership, professional development and life skills
  • The many diverse friendships we established at the House that define who we are even today.
  • Our SigEp Chapter House at 4028 Walnut St., which helped make Philadelphia truly feel like home(and still serves as our home when we return as alumni)
  • Our continuous support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and being able to put others before ourselves, which likely shines through in your charitable giving within your own community as an adult
  • Penn Homecoming, when we prove that no matter how busy or far away you are, it’s always worth making a trip back home to Philadelphia to crack open a cold one with your Brothers and best friends

We hope you’ll hold your memories of SigEp near to you always and, as you give thanks this holiday season, remember that you have the halls of 4028 Walnut St. to thank as the stepping stone to the success you enjoy today.

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