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Homecoming is fast approaching and is a great opportunity to come back to the city of Brotherly Love and reconnect with your SigEp family. Some of us, however, just couldn't wait that long to get together and reminisce...

(L-R) Curtis LightburnAndrew SchwartzBen ArgovBruce KirstenVito Fossella, Andy B. and Paul Gabos.

Andrew Schwartz ’87 
A bunch of us from the 1987 graduating class recently got together at Paul Gabos’ house outside of Asheville, NC. As you can see, the Sig Ep experience creates brotherhood for life.







Curtis Lightburn ’87
My favorite memory from the chapter is the people…AMAZING! I still keep in touch with Vito Fossella, Paul Gabos, Bruce Kirsten, Ben Argov, Tristan Hoag, Bryant Goodridge and some others. I have an AMAZING daughter and my main hobby is bicycle racing. I was pretty good, but then I got hit by a car. I intend to race again and race well. We’ll see…

As far as my career path goes, I started out at AT&T, and then went to a JV of AT&T and Amex, then skiing for a winter (and got pretty good at it!), then MCI, then Intermedia, then dot-com crash and so B-school, then BCG— where I have been now for 12 years and counting— a great place and am very, very thankful.

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What have you been up to since graduation? Have you reconnected with any brothers lately? Share your stories here.