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Summer was a productive time for all of the brothers of SigEp. Per usual, many brothers took their internship positions in the banks New York City, while others took classes and worked in research labs on campus. One brother, however, stayed on campus this summer to lead a project that could change the future of surgery. Young Shin ’17 spent the past months working in Penn’s own General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab, the top ranked of its kind in the country. Going into his senior year at the University, he is on track to obtain his Master’s in Robotics by the end of his fifth year.

Young is working to improve the DaVinci Surgical System by providing surgeons haptic feedback for palpation. To do this, he created a pair of forceps with a sensor that can calculate how much force the controller applies. The product of this project could change the way surgeries with the surgical system are performed, because surgeons will now be able to use the unprecedented accuracy of the DaVinci robot while sensing the person’s malformation as if they were performing the procedure with their own hands. Designing and integrating the forceps into the machine himself, his job is to ensure they are usable in a clinical environment. Towards the middle of the summer, he brought surgeons from the area to test his creation for themselves on models. He says the system is currently used for mastectomies, but the ultimate goal of the system is to perform orthopedic surgeries. After he graduates, Young plans to pursue a career in the robotics lab full-time.

For the first month after school ended, Julien Advaney ’17 traveled to Barcelona, Spain to participate in a study abroad program. Before the program, Julien traveled to Berlin to explore another part of Europe before the program started. He spent the month exploring the different neighborhoods and common tourist attractions in Barcelona, as well as learning about the history of Spain and the movement for Cataluña's independence. Since the program was not through a university, Julien was able to meet forty students from around the country with extremely different backgrounds who all added to the study abroad experience. Julien's favorite part of the trip was watching soccer games at local bars and experiencing their enthusiasm. Julien hopes to bring what he's learned from this program back to the chapter and to continue to add to our diversity.

For the remainder of the summer, Julien worked in New York City on the people analytics team at McKinsey and Company. This emerging field looks to apply data science to the field of human resources and revolutionize talent acquisition across all industries.