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Our 2015-16 giving year just came to an end on August 31 with $22,349 donated to the annual fund by 112 brothers...more than $7,000 above and beyond our goal! We want to thank each and every one of you who made a contribution back to Pennsylvania Delta Chapter this previous giving year. 

Our 2016-17 giving year began on September 1 with a goal set for $25,000 from 150 brothers. Thank you to Brother Tristan Hoag '87 for being the first to make a contribution to the 2016-17 annual fund. Who will be the first to join him on the 2016-17 Honor Roll?!

Donating is easy! Simply click here to make an online donation, call our toll free donation hotline at 1-800-975-6699 or send a check made payable to Pennsylvania Delta Foundation to:

Sigma Phi Epsilon
University of Pennsylvania
c/o Affinity Connection
PO Box 296
State College, PA 16804

Our college days came and went, but the real Pennsylvania Delta Chapter experience never ends. If you cherish those lasting friendships, if you appreciate the values that shaped your life, make your annual gift today to get our year off to a strong start.

Keep an eye out for your copy of the Delta Penn Newsletter and 2016-17 KickOff Appeal Letter coming to your mailbox next month! If you have moved recently, click here to update your address.