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In honor of Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day that just passed, we would like to thank the following brothers for their service:

Maj. Richard Davis (ret.)
Kirk Hauptmann, USN
Douglas Hoerster, USN
Lt. Scott McClain, USN
CDR Kurt Statts, USN (Training Director and Project Leader)
CDR Mark Nevitt, USN
LT CDR Rich Chou, USN (2003-12)
Lt. Grant Geisen, USN
Joshua Thimons, USN (Midshipman 3rd Class)
Lt. Bill Gemmill, USN (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Office, 1967-70)
Lt. Frank Nicastro, Army Transportation Corps (spent 18 months in Inchon, S. Korea)
2nd Lt. David E. Callahan, Army Reserve (Signal Corps 1960-63)
Capt. Thomas S. Post, Jr., Army (QMC. 1966-68 Active. 1968-72 Reserve)
Lt. Col. Fred D. Smith, USAF (Base Civil Engineer 25 years)
2nd Lt. William T. Ryan, Army Air Corp.
Conrad J. Eberstein, USN (1969-72)
the late 1st Lt. Bill Davis (four years active)
Jack Caulkins, Army
John Venusti, USN
Randall P. Hsia, USMC (among first on the ground in second Gulf War)
Erik H. Doebel, USMC (among first on the ground in second Gulf War)
Tim Games
Craig Mills

Lt. Charles W. Martin, USN (pictured left)
"I served for 5 1/2 years on active duty in the Navy, separating in late 1981 as a Lt."

Lt. Dick Romney, USN
“After graduating from Penn in May 1964 I served as a US Navy officer (rising to the rank of lieutenant) aboard the destroyer USS Samuel B. Roberts (DD-823) and the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14). My duties included managing each ship’s combat information center, and serving as officer of the deck, during deployments to Vietnam. Thereafter I served as an intelligence  officer in the United Nations Command in Yongsan, Korea until December 1968.”

P. Clarke Glennon, USN (1955-57, PN3)
“Others in the class of 1955 who are veterans: Vince Rettew, Army; Bob Johnson, Navy; George Quinn, Marines. Class of 1953: Donald Sontag, Navy.”

Ted Crandall, Navy Chaplain Corps
“I retired from the Navy Chaplain Corps in 2008, after serving 20 years, first as an enlisted Sailor, then as a Line officer and then 16 years as a chaplain, mainly to the Marines.”

Lt. Jeff Whiting, Army
“Commissioned from UPenn NROTC in 1981as an Ensign. Stationed on ships in Coronado, CA, Norfolk, VA, and Gaeta, Italy. Began service in USN Reserve 1992 as Lieutenant. Recalled to Active Duty in 2005 as Captain. Served 5 years in DC developing Human Capital Strategy for Navy and Department of Defense. Final tour as Commanding Officer NROTC unit at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Retired from Active Duty August 2013. Returned to Wilmington, NC to assume grandparent duties.”

CDR Kurt H. Statts,
USN (1986-2011)
“I flew F-14 Tomcat fighter aircrafts off of numerous aircraft carriers.”

Capt. Bruce Franzese,
Army Reserve
“I was in ROTC at Penn and was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve upon graduation in May 1969. I was granted an educational delay of Active Duty, which was granted to all Penn ROTC graduates who applied that year.  I served in active duty for training ("ADT") in the Fall of 1972, after graduation from Law School and joined the Active Reserves immediately after completion of ADT. I served in the Active Reserve (i.e. "weekend warrior," not active duty) until 1976, by which time I had attained the rank of Captain, and was placed in the standby reserve at that time.”

Bob Johnson,
“I served aboard USS Des Moines (Light Cruiser) and USS Galveston (Missile Cruiser). 1956-58.”

Col. Frank M. Schoendorfer, Army
“US Army, having received my commission from ROTC at Penn. Served two tours in Vietnam, & Germany, Lebanon. Also was the PMS of ROTC at Penn State for three years. After retiring in 1975 I was a Dean at Valley Forge Military Academy for 12 years.”

Rogers W. “Rod” Vaughn, Army
“Counterintelligence Corps. June 1953-May 1956. Two years in the Karlsruhe, Germany field office.”

LT CDR Anthony Mishik, MD, USN Medical Corps
"US Navy from 1980 to 1991. Serviced as Medical Corps officer at Oakland Naval Hospital and Naval Hospital Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point NC as pediatrician. Attained rank of Lieutenant Commander."

If you are a member of the armed forces and are not on this list, or if your information is not up-to-date, please click here to let us know!