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Greetings fellow Alumni! It is my honor and pleasure to have the leading article in this edition of the Delta Penn. When Alumni Board President, Brett Danko '90, and I started discussing themes for this article, we agreed that the theme of the SigEp "Red Door" was a good one to share.

I believe you will recall the significance of the SigEp "Red Door", but in case you do not, the idea originated at the SigEp Syracuse New York Alpha Chapter in 1928. The tradition of the "Red Door" spread to all other SigEp chapters and means that wherever you find it, members, new and old, are always welcome to walk through and share the brotherhood of SigEp.

I recently attended our annual Senior Dinner this past February and had a great opportunity to meet with Dan de Luca '90. Serving on the alumni board, I have heard or seen his name at one point or another, but never met him in person. I must say that I was really impressed with him as a person and enjoyed our meeting. He has a great sense of humor, interesting career and, most importantly, he is a Delta Penn SigEp!

The challenge we give our seniors at the Senior Dinner is to ask each senior and alumni to stand up and give a brief speech about what being a SigEp has meant to them and what they are going to do to leave their mark on the chapter before graduation as well as contribute to the house long after they graduate. Often, brothers, possibly filled with brotherly and love and some wine, give grand and emotional speeches with big intentions rarely wind up meeting those expectations.

Dan, however, offered a different perspective…he claimed he wasn't a great brother, not engaged or heavily involved while an undergraduate and, as many of us can relate, post-graduation it is much harder to contribute given life's challenges with career and family. Dan told everyone present that being at the dinner he instantly felt reconnected and part of the family again, as if he never left. His main point was that, given perspective and time, he realizes how much a part of his life SigEp is and, while he feels he has been disconnected, it felt good to be welcomed and share his stories with brothers and alumni.

What made his speech so heartwarming to me was that, in that instant, everyone in the room gave him great respect for sharing his story. Everyone in that room, brother and alumni alike has had their fair share of disconnection from the chapter and everyone at one point or another has had other external pressures that draw them away from fraternity life, but that fraternal tie that binds us together is simply enough to share stories and a deep connection.

I sat back and listened intently as his story is probably similar to many other alumni members of this fraternity. It doesn’t matter if you have not been involved over the years. Please consider attending one of our events, joining the alumni board, contributing to the annual fund and suggesting others in your class to do the same or simply visiting us at www.pennsigep.com and updating your contact information (or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Penn Delta was fortunate to have the services of Jim Hughes ’52 at a time the chapter truly needed it. Jim balanced career and family, but after 40 years of NOT being involved in the house, he took charge of the physical plant and made it the “safest and best maintained house at Penn” (University’s words, not mine). Not everyone needs to show this much dedication, but hopefully others will read this will become part of the fabric of Penn Delta in the coming years.

I hope this story doesn't embarrass Dan as I truly appreciated his perspective and strongly feel that his story isn't different from many other stories I've heard from many other alumni. What I do hope is that many of you are able to relate and understand that no matter have "active" you have been, past or present, that the proverbial SigEp "Red Door" is always open to you and that we, both Alumni Board and Chapter, always look forward to seeing you at our events and hope that someday you will be able to reconnect with us in one way or another.

All the best!

Dan Olson '99, Alumni Board Member, VP of Communications