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Last month we asked each of you who met your significant others through Pennsylvania Delta Chapter to share your love stories with the rest of us in honor of Valentine’s Day. Brother Fred Smith ’57 shared his SigEp love story with us:

“While living in the house, my wife, Phylis, along with several other nurses from Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia came to the house one night and were quite noisy. As I was taking civil engineering at the time and was trying to study, these girls were making a lot of noise and, as they exited the back door, I poured water on them from the 4th floor.

At the time, I did not know any of the girls except Marilyn, Fred Achenbach ‘57’s girlfriend. After graduation, Fred married Marilyn. I was an usher in Fred's wedding and my wife, Phylis, was a bridesmaid. After the wedding I started to date Phylis and last December she and I celebrated our 57th anniversary. I guess you could say we met in SPE on that night when I poured water on her, but really didn't know her for several years later.”

-Fred Smith ’57

If you didn’t share your SigEp love story, you can submit it HERE or in the Facebook comment box below!