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As an alumnus, you may not have Pennsylvania Delta Chapter at the top of your priority list. Maybe you’ve lost touch, maybe you’ve gotten caught up with your job, your family and a life of your own. There are many reasons you might not be as close to the chapter as you’d like, but there’s one big reason why you should be.

Without your help, there may not be a Pennsylvania Delta Chapter.

Think back to your time at Sigma Phi Epsilon UPenn; the pledging, initiation, the social events, the traditions and the brothers you still keep in touch with. Without alumni contributions, none of that would have been possible for you, just like without your contribution, it won’t be available for future generations of Pennsylvania Delta Chapter brothers.

Don’t let the years of traditions die out. Make a contribution to the future of SigEp UPenn today and help us continue to build balanced men.

So far, we’ve raised $3,604 towards our $15,000 goal. We’re about a quarter of the way to our 2015-2016 goal, but there’s still plenty of time left to change that! Thank you to those who have already contributed to the 2015-16 annual fund:

General Honor Roll
Joseph Burns 1954
E. Kendall Lorenz 1956
Fred Smith 1957
Carl Foley 1958
Thomas Tay 1959
Herbert Jellander 1960
John Bryson 1962
Daniel Van Winkle 1962
Ronald Dreger 1964
Daniel Fitzgerald 1964
Terry Rahmeier 1964
David Woodyatt 1965
Calvin Bamford Jr. 1966
William Schilling Esq. 1966
Salvador Brau 1967
Dallas Smith 1967
Richard Davis 1968
Harold Baker II 1970
Bernardo Beyer 1971
Kenneth Frankel Esq. 1972
Rees Griffiths Esq. 1972
Thomas Keeline Esq. 1972
Jeffrey Lehman Esq. 1972
Charles Olander 1973
David Lloyd Jr. 1974
Howard Katelansky 1975
Kevin Duffy 1976
Anthony Mishik M.D. 1979
Michael Rosenblum 1979
Timothy Garvey M.D. 1980
Sidney Bakst 1983
Timothy Games 1984
Mark Kuperschmid 1984
Alan Abrams 1985
Michael Collins 1985
John Basile 1986
Paul Gabos 1987
Andrew Schwartz 1987
John Orris D.O. 1990
Michael Haraschak IV 1995
Richard Thompson 1995
Lee Wesner 1995
John McCarty 1999
Jason Sable 2003
Michael Fernando * 2013