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Keeping up with SigEp’s national commitment to supporting our nation’s veterans, SigEp Penn Delta took part in this year’s SigEp Patriots Project, in which brothers volunteer nationally to make a difference in veteran’s lives. We helped out through two different ways: cleaning and refurbishing Mount Moriah Cemetery, which is home to veterans from as far back as the Civil War, as well as volunteering weekly at the local Veteran’s Hospital. Brothers were able to give back, not only to their communities, but also to a cause very close to their heart, and truly make an impact on people who, perhaps, deserve it the most.

Brothers drove up to Mount Moriah Cemetery on November 14th to work at a general cleanup open to volunteers throughout the Philadelphia area. As the directors of the nonprofit that runs the cemetery noted, our brothers were the first group of Penn kids that they had ever seen come by, which they commended us on. Brothers were tasked in clearing a large area of general debris and shrubbery, something that we don’t usually do in a regular day at Penn. Afterwards, we worked to help locate tombstones that had sunken into the soil over the years. The entire experience was capped with a tour of the cemetery, where we were given the chance to appreciate its beauty and pay respects to all of the veterans who now call the cemetery home.

On a more weekly basis, brothers have been giving back to the community by volunteering at the local Veteran’s hospital. We take out a couple of hours of our weekends to spend time with those who have served, whether it be working with them on their foreign language skills or playing Wii. Over time, brothers have truly taken ownership of the volunteering, by creating groups such as Penn4Veterans on campus to better reach out to the whole Penn community. Over time, we hope to continue our efforts to give back to Veterans for all that they’ve done, whether or not it’s part of the SigEp Patriots Project.