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SigEp Penn Delta was proud to host its second annual “Light the Night” philanthropic event, centered on encouraging mental health awareness and raising money to donate to the Mental Health Association of Southeast Pennsylvania. The event, consisting of different speakers and performance groups, is part of our initiative this year to branch out on campus and expand our philanthropic engagements. As such, we were excited to not only partner with a multicultural sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., but also to work with various mental health groups on campus such as CAPS and Active Minds, as well as performance groups like Dischord and The Penny Loafers.

After its inaugural success last year, we at SigEp Penn Delta knew that we wanted to continue the event as well as make it even bigger for its second year. We began planning months in advance in an effort to encourage brother participation in all parts of the event. As such, brothers were able to reach out to their own campus groups in order to participate in the event. This extended onwards to our actual marketing campaign, in which every single brother took his turn handing out flyers, selling stickers, and advertising the event on Locust Walk. Since we were collaborating with so many organizations, brothers oftentimes worked with newfound friends on the event, further increasing our campus presence.

The hard work culminated in a powerful night of community, respect and thoughtfulness. Performances included a 10-minute mediation period, original songs and spoken word focused on depression, and personal stories about struggles with mental health. Over 120 students and faculty members were in attendance for the event, where SigEp worked to emcee the event and serve everyone hot chocolate. Overall, the event was an overwhelming success and we hope to continue the event in future years, making sure to expand it even more.