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Our Mission: Building Balanced Men
Our Principles: Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love
Our Practice: Sound Mind, Sound Body

The Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Strategic Plan:

Growth—Recruit, Retain and Graduate Balanced Men

• Recruitment is a year-round practice at all chapters

• The Balanced Man Scholarship is used to recognize, reward and recruit the best men on every campus

• Mutually agreed-upon recruitment and manpower goals are aggressively pursued

• Membership and chapter standards are clearly defined and enforced at all chapters

• Chapter retention and graduation rates consistently exceed the campus average

• SigEp will provide a meaningful experience to more undergraduates on more campuses every year

Development—Prepare Members for a Lifetime of Success

• The BMP is fundamental to the membership experience at all chapters

• The all-campus grade point average is surpassed by each SigEp chapter

• All members develop the leadership, communication and social skills to excel personally and professionally upon graduation

• Every deserving member finds employment and opportunity in his chosen career

• The teachings of the Ritual are learned by, taught by and lived by each member

• An alumni or community mentoring program exists for upperclassmen at all chapters

• Service Learning is a meaningful and transformational part of every member’s chapter experience and every chapter makes a positive impact in their community

Housing—Provide Quality Residential Learning Communities

• Chapter houses are Residential Learning Communities designed for safety, academic excellence and overall collegiate success

• Chapter houses are occupied to capacity at market rates

• Each chapter facility maintains a capital reserve and plans for significant renovations every 20 years

• Lending, fundraising, project consulting and management services are available to AVCs

• All Fraternity assets, including chapter houses, are legally protected and preserved for future members of Sigma Phi Epsilon

Volunteers—Support Local, Regional and National Volunteers

• Every chapter has a trained and committed AVC, Chapter Counselor and BM Steward

• AVCs excel in the areas of corporate health, asset management, alumni cultivation and undergraduate mentoring

• AVCs recruit and involve parents, university faculty and staff and other non-SigEp volunteers

• The Renaissance of Brotherhood is used to engage non-members who are passionate about SigEp’s mission

• Alumni and volunteers are engaged to lend their professional expertise to enhance the SigEp experience at the local, regional and national level

Partnership—Strengthen Partnership with Higher Education

• SigEp will be recognized as an organization that lives by its values and complements the university’s mission and objectives

• SigEp conducts and participates in meaningful research

• The National Fraternity regularly seeks advice and guidance from members of academia

• SigEp is an active participant in associations for Student and Academic Affairs professionals

• Campus-based higher education professionals are regularly and actively involved in chapter, regional and national programming

Advancement—Advance the SigEp Experience

• Potential donors understand the impact and importance of Fraternity programs

• Chapter and national giving opportunities are made readily available to donors with a wide variety of charitable interests

• Donor participation and total charitable contributions at the local and national levels exceed benchmarks for an academic institution of similar size

• Fraternity programs and services are supported by multiple grant providers who see value in SigEp’s mission

• Fraternity programs and services are regularly assessed, evaluated and improved