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In the upcoming weeks SigEp Penn Delta is planning on expanding its traditional efforts for the SigEp Patriots Project with a new community service initiative. In years past, SIgEp has celebrated Veteran’s Day on a more individual level, making the effort to leave flowers and notes at the gravesites of former SigEp veterans in the area. While keeping with this tradition, brothers at SigEp wanted to expand this further into a more tangible event that would have lasting impact.

On November 14th, SigEp brothers plan on going to Mount Moriah Cemetary, located in Philadelphia, in order to help with general clean up as well as to help place a wreath at each gravesite. Although we have regular scheduled community service working with Veterans, partnering with Penn 4 Vets at the local VA Medical Center, Penn Delta is hoping to expand its efforts into a trademark event and continue the tradition moving forward.

Another community service effort SigEp plans to get behind is Movember, in partnership with Penn’s IFC. Throughout November, SigEp Brothers have pledged to either not shave their mustaches, move every day, or both. Despite keeping facial hair not being too much of a challenge for most brothers, the cause behind Movember is certainly great—generating dialogue about Men’s Health and funding research into prostate and testicular cancer. Hopefully we’re recognizable by the end of the month!