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Brother Matthew Triano is fluent in four different languages, but his heart lies with Spanish, which he learned growing up at home.  With that in mind, it was an easy decision for Triano to decide to spend his junior summer in Buenos Aires, working at an internship that combined his passion for Spanish with his interests in a career in Public Health.

Triano applied for the internship through the International Internship Program, a program that matches Penn students with internships abroad that are relevant to their major. Triano worked for the Bioethics and Public Health departments of the World Health Organization (WHO), functioning as a link between WHO and the Government Ministry of Health in an effect to standardize bioethics standards for human research in Argentina. The project culminated in a presentation done fully in Spanish to the Argentinian government, an experience according to Triano was like no other. However, Triano’s biggest takeaway from the internship was the fact that he wasn’t actually committed to the idea of public health, and instead changed his career path to a more hands on medical practice.

Photo caption: Triano visiting Brazil during a weekend trip.

Photo captions: (left) The home Triano stayed at in Buenos Aries. (right) Triano and friend during weekend trip to Rio.

Outside of work, Triano made sure to make the most of the Argentinian lifestyle. When applying for summer internships, Triano knew that he wanted to work in Argentina because of how different it was from the rest of Latin America—a type of culture that he never had the chance to appreciate. Life in Buenos Aires was markedly laidback, especially compared to the stressful environment of Penn. Triano was able to find a stable work and life balance, even having time to work as a member of the SigEp Exec Board throughout the summer. More so, Triano was able to find a stable relationship throughout his internship with another student who was studying in America but from Buenos Aires. They managed to stay together the entire summer, however things soured when she proposed to him the day before he left to go back home, a question Triano was definitely not expecting from his summer in Argentina.