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Brother Jordan Montero made sure to spend his sophomore year discovering what his passions would be for years to come. However, instead of just falling in love with Engineering, something that he already studies here at Penn, he found a new passion of his—cooking.

Living in Long Island his entire life, Montero had tons of experience riding the Long Island Railroad (also known as the LIRR) into New York City and out. However, one thing that he never knew before this summer was what makes trains actually tick, something that he learned during his stint as a Project Manager for the MTA. The internship combined two interest of Montero’s: electrical engineering and business management. Montero was given the task to track day-to-day operations for the MTA in order for them to maintain regularity in switch and track functions. Working with countless department directors, Montero was able to obtain a wide range of expertise within the MTA’s LIRR offices.  Although most people despise New York’s trains, Montero obtained a new found appreciation for them through his one of a kind summer internship.

However, engineering wasn’t all what Montero got around to doing this summer. Like most college students, Montero realized that it was about time for him to learn how to make his own meals and cook for himself, something that he accomplished through an unorthodox way—by working as a sous chef for a local bar. Montero’s favorite recipe was undoubtedly his signature Red Bull wings, a recipe that became so requested that it became a fixture on the menu during his time working. Unfortunately though, the days weren’t only filled with cooking; Montero spent long hours prepping for meal service, cleaning the kitchen, and helping to staff the bar as customers packed in for the night. Yet despite all of the intense labor, Montero says that he wouldn’t have traded the job for anything in the world. When asked, he stated, “What other job lets a college kid make mojitos and wings for a living?” 

Photo captions: (top) The bar Montero worked at throughout the summer. (bottom) Montero and his friend at the beach in Long Island.