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Our brothers were quite busy this summer! In fact, almost 90% of our current undergraduates* worked in fields relevant to their coursework or career interests. We had brothers who traveled and worked all across the continental United States as well as internationally. In general our brotherhood perceived this past summer as very helpful towards their career goals. When asked to rate the helpfulness of their summer activity towards their career goals (on a scale from 1 to 10) the average response was approximately 8.1/10.

Among the ranks of impressive summer internships and research are two individuals who pursued their interest across continents. Steven Acchione (C '17) and Jared Fenton (C'17) traveled to Sierra Leone and Argentina respectively this summer.

Steve describes his experience below:
This summer, through a grant from Penn, I had the opportunity to travel to Sierra Leone to work on economic development and education. The goal of the trip was to establish our presence and launch our initiatives while we evaluated the next steps in development. The organization is now a nonprofit in the US and a CBO in Sierra Leone. Without the widespread support from the Penn community, this trip would not have been possible. More importantly, without Penn's vast network of funding and support, neither would the improvements in the lives of Sierra Leoneans.

Jared describes his experience as well:
This summer, I, along with 15 other Penn students traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a six-week, total-immersion, study-abroad program in Spanish. During my time in Argentina I fell in love with the Spanish language and culture. Additionally, it has always been impressive to me when people can speak a foreign language fluently, such as many of my brothers in SigEp are able to do. In fact, the combination of my newfound love for the Spanish language and culture and my fraternity brothers (unknowingly) inspiration for me to become a little more like them has led me to decide that I will minor in Hispanic Studies.

In both instances, you can see that both Penn and Sigma Phi Epsilon greatly influence and assist our brothers in their career/study choices. For me, my internship would not have been possible if it were not for the support and encouragement of my brothers. This house fosters a community of mentorship that leads to a generation-after-generation high standard of success and achievement. I assume that we will continue to see many more summers of equal or greater achievement in the coming years.

*Of respondents to a summer activity survey