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Members from the class of 1999 met once again for their annual Fantasy Football League Draft, this time in Atlantic City August 22 - 24. The group has previously met in Las Vegas, Chicago and Philadelphia for their annual draft.

On Friday, August 22nd, Keith Lotman, Rob Fuller and Saam Farhang met for dinner at the "Old Homestead" at the Borgata. They were later met by Dan McCaughey. Saturday, the four headed to the Atlantic City beach to enjoy the sun and do some body surfing. Rob Fuller sustained minor injuries from body surfing (see picture). Otherwise it was a great day at the beach!

Later, the group met poolside with Dan Olson and Greg Rauscher, where they all proceeded to complete a chain of ALS Ice Bucket Challenges. It is important to note that Dan McCaughey was wearing a Denver Broncos Wes Welker 83 T-Shirt all weekend to settle a bet he made along with Sophocles with Saam Farhang and Dan Olson. He and Sophocles bet that the New England Patriots would beat Denver in the playoffs last season. His payoff was to become a Broncos fan for draft weekend. Here is an altered picture of Saam Farhang (left), Dan McCaughey, and Dan Olson from the weekend. The image was superimposed on a real picture from last year's SuperBowl. I think we can all say that Dan was a good sport and looks really good as a Broncos fan (gotta love the orange wig)!

Later Saturday night, the group got together for the draft in at the Stockton Seaview Resort. Rich Steinmeier '96 and Neil Batiancila joined up with the group after the draft to celebrate. As always, this annual event held by the class of 1999 is a way for everyone to remain connected. They hope that they will be able to continue the tradition next year.

Here are links to the ice bucket challenges done poolside for your enjoyment:

Rob Fuller

Dan Olson

Keith Lotman

Dan McCaughey

Saam Farhang