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For most people, Super Bowl XLVIII was just another Super Bowl.  Another championship, another day marked by over-eating and over-hyped funny commercials, but for me it was much more. 

Super Bowl XLVIII marked the first Super Bowl played outdoors in a cold-weather city, and first played outdoors on artificial turf since Super Bowl X (1976).  Despite all of the negative publicity of anticipated cold weather and winter storms, Super Bowl XLVIII was the most watched television program in US history with 111.5 viewers, pitting the top seeds from each conference for the second time in twenty seasons.  And I got to experience the big game and all it has to offer along with 3 other SigEps!

A couple days after Denver and Seattle won their respective AFC and NFC championship games, Jeremy Valentine ‘97 reached out many in his SigEp network to see if they knew anyone had tickets.  Being a Bronco fan, I wished him luck in his search and mentioned to him if it weren’t for the huge price tag I’d join him.  A week later, Jeremy emailed me and said he had purchased 4 tickets, but was only planning to use 3 (Jeremy’s father and brother Justin flew in from Washington State) and wanted to know if I’d like to buy the fourth from him at face value.  Face value was $800 for my Super Bowl ticket, but for a fan of the NFL in general and Denver Broncos, there was no way I could turn him down.  I would never have a chance again to attend a Super Bowl close to my home in South Jersey to watch my team play for chance at the Championship.  I don’t know when I’d have a chance again to go to the Superbowl for such a great price!

As Jeremy and I discuss logistical arrangements for getting to the game over the next few days we came to realize that two other SigEp brothers of ours were also planning on attending, Paul Godinez ‘97 and Saam Farhang ‘99.  We settled on a location for tailgating, made the necessary agreements on who was bringing what and finished our plans for the big day.  We later found out that Brad Murphy ‘97 was also at the game, but were not able to meet up with him.

Just a brief side note:  Sam and I also attended the same high school in Englewood, CO so he was also there to cheer on his Denver Broncos.  

The weather on February 2nd, could not have been any better for a winter day in the northeast.  Despite all of the doom and gloom the media portrayed on the weather, we enjoyed a surprisingly mild day outside.  Paul, Jeremy, Saam and I were able to catch up at the tailgate and head into the game.  The game itself was a disaster as I’m sure many of you already know.  My team fumbled their first play for a safety and it was all downhill from there;.  While the game itself was something I wish to remember, the experienced I had will be remembered for as long as I live.  For me it was not only about the game, but about the fact that this may be the first and last time a Superbowl will be played in a cold weather stadium. in the modern NFL era.  It may be the only chance I have to see a Super Bowl live in person.

And the best part was that I was able to share it with my SigEp friends!  And if it weren’t for Jeremy reaching out to his SigEp network, I might have missed the memory of a lifetime.

- Submitted by Dan Olson '99

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