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Warren Davidson '53 recently shared his story of a chance meeting he had with the widow of his long-lost SigEp brother, made possible through his hobby-turned-business of appraising stamp collections.

"After retiring from banking, I established a business as an extension of a hobby which is now going
on 40 years, and yes, at age 85, it still going on. I am a philatelic (stamp collecting) appraiser, buyer and seller.

Two months ago, a realtor phoned for a widow who was downsizing and moving to assisted living facility here in Sarasota, looking to appraise her husband's stamp collection. The name of this collector was unusual, Franny Basile, the same name as one of my SigEp fraternity brothers in Philadelphia. On a hunch, I placed a copy of SigEp brothers Class 1953 composite photo in my attaché case, which I had kept in my office den these many years. Upon arriving at their beautiful Bird Key residence and meeting both the widow and realtor, I said..."before we begin, let me ask, does the name Philadelphia mean anything to you?" Mrs. Basile immediately said, "Oh yes, my husband went to school there, University of Pennsylvania". I took out my class photo and showed it to her. She looked at me blinking, then gave a big smile and pointed to Franny Basile's den wall which posted the exact same class photo.

So Franny no longer was known with that fraternity moniker, but that of the more respectful Board Chairman he became in the New York financial scene, Frank Basile. The coincidence of this meeting needed to be told, so I am taking advantage of sharing it with my Penn Delta brothers."

- Warren Davidson '53