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Jeffrey Rotwitt '72 recently opened a movie studio in Philadelphia, PA and is ready to compete with the Hollywood machine. In the two years it's been open, it's booked two large films and one indie.

Jeffrey Rotwitt is unusual for a power lawyer in this region. Rotwitt operates almost entirely by force of charm. He's in his early 60s, with a jowly face and hair the color of a new dime. He lives in an opulent Radnor estate called Deilwydd, but his accent is shot-and-a-beer. His signature move isn't the threat, but the wink. All the people I spoke with about Rotwitt told me the same thing: He's one of the most positive people they've ever met. "On a rainy, miserable day, Jeff will find a way to use the water," says Robert May Jr., a councilman in Chester Township. "Everything, in Jeff's mind, is possible."

The man and his entrepreneurial endeavors were recently the subject of an article in Philly Mag. To read the article in its entirety click here.