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Penn Delta Alum Launches New Shaving Cream Company

Burned out from his previous corporate experiences, Kyle Schroeder (WH '00) started bartending in early 2003 because he wanted a no stress job for a few months.

Surprisingly for him, that decision changed his career path permanently. Being an entrepreneur at heart, it was while working as a barman that Kyle had a conversation which would ultimately lead to starting a company based around one product: Cremo Cream, the astonishingly superior shave cream.

That conversation was started by Mike Boone, while he was having a drink at the bar. Mike's claim to fame was inventing the dry erase board (and then selling that company to Fortune Brands). He told Kyle that he had a new creation, a shave product called Cremo Cream, the astonishingly superior shave cream. According to Mike, as a cream, not a gel or foam, Cremo dramatically reduced nicks, cuts, and razor irritation; gave you the closest, most comfortable, longest lasting shave; and left your skin astonishingly soft and smooth. Like many who find shaving daily a chore, Kyle was interested to see if Mike's invention really lived up to his claims.

To Kyle's surprise Cremo Cream really was astonishing and lived up to Mike's hype. As a problem shaver for years, he knew this product was something exceptional. Mike really enjoyed creating a product but since he had already started and grown a company his interest in the "other stuff" to get it to market was limited. Kyle was all about a new challenge and did not mind doing the grunt work, so together, they started The Cremo Cream Company.

Skip forward three years and Cremo Cream has gained a small but loyal following. Kyle was able to find distribution through online retailers like drugstore.com and Amazon.com, as well as regional retailers like: Bartell Drugs in the Northwest, Wegman's in the Northeast, and HEB in Texas. But now Cremo Cream is on the cusp of gaining national distribution and is being considered for chain-wide placement at Walgreen's.

According to Kyle, gaining shelf space is extremely difficult because you are competing head-to-head with giant companies like Procter and Gamble (Gillette), Johnson & Johnson(Neutrogena), and Beiersdorf (Nivea). So Kyle needs our help, Cremo Cream is newly launched on Walgreens.com and if it performs well on their website, then they will be more likely to put him on the shelf at the stores.

Kyle is asking that since most of us buy shaving cream anyway, please buy Cremo Cream from Walgreens.com. Not only are you helping a brother out, but he says your face will thank you as well.

Don't just take Kyle's word for it, fellow pledge brother Joshua Krotec '01 agrees:

Hi Kyle,

I hope that you are well.

I heard through the grapevine that Cremo was available at Walgreens.com. I ordered a few tubes, including a Ladies Cremo for Cathy.

In all honesty - and not because I know you - it is the best shaving cream ever. Every cream I have ever used leaves my skin irritated and dry (even the creams for "sensitive skin.") Cremo is fantastic... my face is nice and smooth after a shave. I think that I even look younger after using Cremo!

Also, while I was initially skeptical due to the price, you can probably market Cremo as an outstanding value... I'm pretty sure that I'll get more than 60 shaves out of the tube, so that's a pretty good price-per-shave compared to anything else on the market.

Consider me a customer. I will tell my family members to start buying Cremo. I'll probably use Cremo as a stocking-stuffer for a few guys, too, just to get them to try it. I also posted a 5-star review at Walgreens.com.

- JK

As you can see from the letter, Walgreens.com also carries Lady Cremo Cream as well, so not only can you buy a couple tubes of Cremo for yourself, but some for the lady in your life too. If you spend $25, which is fairly easy to do, shipping from Walgreens.com is FREE.

Gaining placement at Walgreen's would truly be a life changing event for Kyle and his company, so any help we can offer will be much appreciated. Also, please feel free to spread the word and encourage others to buy Cremo Cream as well.